All claims for product quality that can be returned are described in the “Terms of purchase of BulletBro wrap kits”. Before reading this section, please read the section above. Return conditions are described below.


General provisions:


BULLETBRO will not accept returns for any reason after 30 days of decal pack shipment.

We do not issue refunds as all sales are final. Exclusively in case of detection of graphical and spelling discrepancies with the agreed layout, we take responsibility and eliminate the error by reprinting the necessary details and send them to the client at our expense in case of an error on our part. The term consistent layout is indicated in the “Terms of purchase of BulletBro wrap kits”. Changes to the layout from the moment of approval are not made.


We also take responsibility in case of a shortage of certain parts due to our fault – we will eliminate the error by printing the necessary parts and send them to the client. Conflict resolution, the timing of the implementation of the settlement methods described above are resolved through dialogue, discussed individually with each client as needed. Third parties do NOT participate in the settlement.


Due to the technologically complex production and the use of different types of material, cases with a potential defective product are considered individually. In this situation, you need to CONTACT US immediately. Often, the buyer can violate the terms of the purchase, install the kit without following the instructions, or damage the stickers on their own. A damaged material is considered a manufacturer’s error. To exclude such misconceptions, it is necessary to individually consider each specific case with the provision of textual, descriptive and visual evidence (video and photo materials).


In the case of an exchange / return, the product must be in its original condition (all graphics must be intact, not removed or cut from the roll, and in the original packaging). The customer will be responsible for all shipping charges, custom designs, logo additions, and any price differences between exchanged products.

Please note: We cannot ship replacement products until the original graphics kit has been received and inspected. We need to make sure the reason for the return is true and justified. As soon as we confirm your reason for the return, we start preparing new products to replace the first one.


The presence of shallow dents on the film is normal. They are left by the machine during the printing of a set of labels. During the application and heating of the stickers, they will disappear. This property is not considered a defect and therefore cannot be a reason for a return.


We can NOT accept returns in cases where the wrong kit was ordered, the customer changed his mind, mixed up the equipment, or for any other reason that is not under our responsibility. For more information, please visit our section “Terms of purchase of BulletBro wrap kits”.


Any other reasons are not considered as a reason for returning or exchanging products. Any other error or inconsistency in the form or properties of the products is not our responsibility. Accordingly, we are not responsible for them either financially or reputationally. Read more in “Terms of purchase of BulletBro wrap kits


At the same time, we remain loyal to each of our clients and will look for the best ways to jointly resolve any conflicts through dialogue. If you have questions about our products or the contents of this document, please contact us.

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